Drones have made it easy for photographers to capture aerial photographs that could only be taken from planes or skyscrapers. The convenience of taking photos couple by a host of other benefits explains why most photographers today are adding drones to their toolset.drone photography

If you are starting out or you know very little about drones, getting the best can be a tricky affair. If you are new to either drones or photography, this article shares essential features worth looking at when shopping for a drone.

Image Quality

The first and probably the most important thing to look at when shopping for a drone is the quality of images it can take. One important feature that defines the quality of images is the CMO. A camera with a large CMO makes it possible to capture clear images in low light intensities. Also, you also need to look at the quality of their sensors and the camera resolution.

Video Quality

The resolution offered by most drones today ranges from low-quality HD to 4K. If you are shooting your videos for social media sharing, a resolution of 1080p is just enough. However, if you are shooting a cinematic video, you should probably consider the highest possible resolution – preferably 4K.

The frames per second, also known as fps, also matters a lot. This feature defines the number of consecutive images the camera can take in a second. A camera rated at 24 fps to 30 fps, assures you of the much coveted smooth footage. The more the fps ratings, the better it is for creating special effects.

Hover Abilities

Another important feature to look at is the ability of the drone to hover perfectly still. Stale hovering goes a long way in determining the quality of images from the drone. This feature is only achieved by advanced flight control systems and onboard sensors.

drone with gimbalGimbal

A decent drone should come with a mounted gimbal. Gimbals serve to take care of shaky images. A combination with this feature with the hover still function serves to improve the quality of your photography works tremendously. The three-axis gimbal used in small drones has proven to be a revolutionary feature in drone photography.

Other important features like flight time, Raw/DNG support, and intelligent support matter a lot when buying a drone. As a tip, the best way to go about it is to buy a famous drone like the prix mavic pro 2. Owning the best or a popular drone ensures that you can easily have all your concerns addressed.