How can you benefit from using portable printers? You mainly use typical printers for office and home printing, portable photo printers may not be any significance to you. However, for photography enthusiasts, professional photographers, and other people who are interested in producing beautiful photos anywhere, anytime, portable photo printer is a treasure. The following are some of the things you ought to know about these photo printers;

What you should know about portable photo printers

Two types

Your phottg23edf6yhe7u28i22o printer is likely to come in the form of either dye or inkjet sublimation device. The majority of these printers currently on the market are dye sublimation machines. This is because they are much lighter, smaller, and produce high-quality photos as compared to inkjets. Also, they are equipped with LCD displays and functional control panels. This makes the easier to use for direct photo printing. In any case, they have the capability to print documents in all paper sizes. This explains why they are popular among both professionals and businessmen on the go.

Which are the best?

Dye sublimation photo printers are simply the best on the market. You should note that dye sublimation technique was developed mainly for photo printing. These lightweight and small printers can produce photos that are of professional-grade and lab quality. This explains why many professional photographers carry these printers anywhere they are going.

Direct photo printing

The majority of portable photo printers allow direct printing option. They have excellent features such as memory card slots, infrared, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and PictBridge. There are other important features, which are continuously added to enable them print photos without the need of a laptop or a computer. Moreover, they can even print from digital cameras, game consoles, smartphones, cell phones, tablet PCs, and memory cards.

Printing size

Most portable photo printers that use dye-sublimation process can only print up to 4 x 6 inches photos. Thus, there are not versatile as compared to the inkjet models. Moreover, they are mainly used for photo printing as they have dye panel inks, which are not suitable for text printing.


Inkjet printers are considered to be more flexible than the dye sublimation ones. Thus, they can be used to produce business materials and marketing photos.tg23wedf76uyw38edio92l2


It is true that portable photo printers are quite expensive because of the extra effort required to make these heavy devices smaller than ordinary. Also, they are intricately manufactured and deserve the high price they come with.