When we first buy a cell phone, we are extremely cautious to maintain and preserve it. This is because it is new and it is very precious to us. Over time, it will go through wear and tear and its best to replace the parts then purchase a new one, as it is more economical. Cell Phone Repair Parts come in handy when our gadgets become faulty. This article covers different parts of a cell phone that can be repaired.

Different parts

Screen and battery

The most expensive part of the cell phone is its screen and replacing it is the trickiest part and as different cellhghghgghghgfff phones have various types of screen. LCD, LED, OLED and even AMOLED is prevalent today in the cell phone tech industry.

A screen guard protects the screen from scratches and increases its durability significantly, but every screen has a life and after repeated use most cellphone screens stop to function after prolonged excessive use.

This part of the cell phone cannot be easily fixed, and it is best to replace it. Fixing a battery is the same thing as purchasing a new battery because the juice present in the battery also has a life similar to the screen but since it is much cheaper than the screen it is best to replace it. Most batteries are often available in a shop or can be purchased online.

Circuitry and Motherboard

A mobiles chipset can be fixed only a couple of times before it needs to be discarded and the OEM usually fixes it within a warranty period. The motherboard should last a couple of years before it finally gives in.

Cosmetics (Plastics/Metallic Parts)

gfgffgfggffffThis is the cheapest and the easiest to replace. It is often found over the counter like batteries. Since it mostly acts as a cosmetic visual to the user, replacing it is not essential for optimum function, but most people do it anyway because looks are critical to the modern user. To protect the plastics a user can also purchase covers (often fancy) to protect the phone and increase its cosmetic life.

There are various cell phone repair parts which are available to be fixed, and it only takes a little bit of time and effort to either do it yourself or give it to a professional. It is best to give it to the OEM so that they can do a thorough job and make the device fully functional. This article should stand as a fundamental informatory guide to a person who wants to understand how and why a cell phone should be repaired.