Technological developments have transformed many things today, even the way we fax. Fax machines are slowly being faced out with the introduction of Google faxing feature. This online faxing method is perceived to be a better and convenient way of sending faxes. The other benefit of using it is that you no longer need to invest in buying a fax machine or incur any associated costs. That said, here are some facts to know about using Google fax services.

Getting startedsxdssDAS

The first thing you need when faxing is an email fax that is attached to the Gmail address. However, the service provider is mostly a separate entity. As such, you need to try out a couple of fax service providers before picking the right one. The only constant feature should be Google mail. All sent faxes are delivered as emails into the recipient’s inbox. Some email service providers have rolled out these function, but Google is one on the best thanks to its great categorizing and sorting feature.

Fax number

This is a unique number provided as part of the faxing package they subscribe to. The google fax number is freely offered, and one can use it with the trial account. With the number, you can easily use it to send and receive your emails. The other good thing is that use of these numbers is simple, and it does not require any additional installation or processes on your part. When choosing a number, you are at liberty of using a free package or a subscribing to a paid plan.

Benefits of faxing

Online faxing has opened up lots of possibilities in the faxing world. Most of these features are new, and they cannot be integrated to traditional faxing machines. First, can now send a fax provided you have the document in your custody and some internet connection without being at the office. You also get to enjoy another benefit like the scheduled faxing, which lets you send your faxes later. If you want to send a single fax to different people, the broadcasting feature makes everything super easy.aSASdaSDca

The other main benefit of using Gmail fax features is the convenience that comes with its integration into various devices. For instance, you only need to install a Gmail app, and you can now fax from your mobile phone. With a good phone, you can also do it right from your phone’s browser.