ipWhich of two smart phones, iPhone and Nexus has a higher rating in terms of user review, performance and usability?

Perhaps this might be the question that disturbs the majority of the noble readers and lovers of technology gadgets. This piece of content will give out neutral points and supporting evidence to answer this core question.

The iPhone 5 is the best iPhone that we do have today but is it better than the Google’s Nexus 4? Nexus 4 is the Google’s flagship Android Phone. Answering this question will depend on each of the users priorities. However, while some power users are attracted to cutting-edge technologies packed in the Nexus 4, the iPhone 5 has the most robust and well-designed ecosystem.

There are a lot of factors to consider before making a conclusion that one smartphone is better than the other, and what may seem to be rated better may not be the best option tho an individual. People have different tastes, choices and preferences.

Below are the top reasons that make iPhone 5 a better phone that Nexus 4.

1. iPhone 5 has a higher capacity than the Nexus 4

The storage capacity of the iPhone 5 starts at 16 GB and ranges all the way up to 64 GB. The higher capacity may not be necessary for everyone, but for apps, photos and HD video, they can gobble up space making the phone slow.
The Nexus 4 storage comes with a paltry 8GB of storage capacity that is lower compared to the iPhone 5

2. iPhone 5 has 4G LTE
The iPhone 5 makes it the first iPhone to feature the 4G LTE technology. This is what many people consider the only real 4G. In the areas with a reliable 4g LTE coverage, the iPhone 5 usually downloads and uploads files amazingly fast.

3. iPhone 5 has is easier to use than the Nexus 4

The 4.7 Nexus 4 display is ideal for watching movies and reading the web contents. However, it is a pain to reach every corner comfortably even for users with big hands. When we look at iPhone 5, it has a 4″ display which strikes a nicer balance between screen real estate and the usability. It does not require the user to contort their thumbs to reach for on-screen buttons and icons.

4. iPhone 5 has a better support than Nexus 4ip2

Apple and its wireless partners offer iPhone 5 users something Nexus 4 users will have trouble to find. This is the real support. Having trouble with an iPhone 5 or if you just need to learn something new, you simply make an appointment with the Apple Genius bar and your problems find a solution. Nexus does not have this feature.

This thus answer the question – Is Iphone better than nexus?, Yes it is!