lapWhen you reach the point of looking for a new laptop to buy, you might be perturbed by the question “Which laptop is a good choice right now?”

This is an informative piece of content that features the best laptop on the market today, by giving a simple yet distinct explanation of the features, operating system, processor and specs, in order to answer the question.

The best laptop on the market, today is the MacBook Air.


The MacBook Air is balanced. It has a lack of outstanding flaws, with high performance and long battery life. Not forgetting the incredible engineering of the port, chips and most importantly, amazing keyboard. It has an incredible solid aluminum body.

Battery – It has an incredible battery that last for a duration of over 12 hours.

OS X Yosemite
This is the current operating system of the latest Apple’s desktop software. Apple continues to refocus its annual worldwide developer conference to be more about developers and less about user-facing announcements. This year the Apple company has focused mostly on the internal and external changes to both OS X and iOS, continuing to blur up the lines between both platforms.

This laptop comes with the OS X Yosemite, which is the next major release of Apple’s desktop operating system.lap3

iOS integration
The Apple’s new continuity software enables your computer, phone and tablet to interact with each other in a fantastic manner.

This laptop comes with a couple of less exciting pairing features too. Instant Hotspot makes it much easier to tether your phone’s data connection to your Mac or iPad.And AirDrop works in between Macs and iOS devices now.

The Laptop Features

1. The spotlight has been updated to sit in the middle of your screen instead of up in the corner. In addition to the parsing of local data and performing rudimentary search engine queries, it can integrate more web content into results.

2. The updated Notification Center is also worth a brief mention. It has an added ‘today’ view similar to the one in iOS that shows your calendar events, reminders, stock, weather, etc

3. iCloud Drive turns the iCloud and Drop box type folder so that you can actually access and lap2organize your stuff inside.

There is an amazing Photo app that rely more heavily on the cloud and feature non-destructive editing capabilities.
The keyboard galore is amazing, and it gives users the ability to begin typing a word and have the OS guess at what you are saying so that you can quickly tap into a word to complete it.