Prepaid plans

This refers to the plan whereby you pay cash in advance for the services that you will use. In most cases, you will be required to buy a recharge voucher which you will then load into your mobile phone. You can then use the amount to purchase talk time minutes, data, and text messages. You will not be charged when you call when you have minutes. You will, however, be disconnected whenever you exhaust your airtime. Once your airtime is depleted, you can always recharge and continue enjoying the preferred services. The data, text, and minutes usually have an expiry time, once expired you cannot use the subscribed services. Click on the highlighted link for the telstra byo plans.

Postpaid plans

postpaid plans The postpaid plan refers to the plan whereby you use the various services and pay at the end of the month. An individual sign a contract with the telecommunication company that usually lasts between one and two years. The telecommunication company will then give you a specific amount of data, text, and talk time to use within the month. In the event you exceed your allotted usage, you will always be billed. The postpaid plan is ideal for the heavy phone users like companies and people in business.

Choosing the best plan

You need to make a few comparisons so that you select the best plan. Since there are different telecommunication companies in any given country, it is always important to compare the various rates offered by the companies and choose the one that is best suited for you. Let us now look at the things to consider when choosing the best plan


The amount of money that the customers are charged for the various services is the primary factor that people look at when choosing between the different plans. If you are a postpaid customer, for instance, compare how much money you will be charged monthly against purchasing credit. If you happen to use less on the prepaid plan than the postpaid plan, then abandon it immediately.


The data plan is also essential because many things are happening on the internet. The date will allow you to access internet if you do not have an active Wi-Fi connection. Data is increasingly becoming important in this era where everything is being transacted online. Look at the most competitive data plan that will serve you for the whole month.

Network coverage

network  coverage How reliable is the network coverage of your preferred telecommunication company? This is critical because, without the network coverage, you cannot do much. You cannot call, browse the internet, and even send text messages. Choose a telecommunication company that has wide coverage in your area. Watch the video below on how to choose a cellphone plan;